• 50 States

    A project of drawing all 50 states

    My desire with the 50 states project is to draw each state featuring natural attributes unique to that state. No man made aspects will be part of the images (perhaps I can do that version after this one!). In addition to a natural looking landscape, I'll also incorporate something unique, like the state tree, flower, mammal, fish, bird, or something else! 


    *** this is an ongoing project and I'll add more states as I finish them ***

    Some states are available on tea towels, totes & note cards.


    the 49th state

    The Northern Lights dance above a mountain landscape home to the Sitka Spruce & Moose, the largest of deer family.


    the 48th state

    Cacti fill the foreground of a stunning desert vista of large red rocks


    the 31st state

    Mountains, rolling hills and Blue Oak serve as a backdrop to California's most famous flower, the poppy.


    the 43rd state

    A Cutthroat trout swims in a river among a mountain forest of white pine & aspen.


    the 32nd state

    A loon floats in one of the many lakes that dot the state, surrounded by a forest of Red Pine.


    the 41st state

    Tall Mountains and Ponderosa Pine serve as backdrop for the beautiful Bitterroot flowers.


    the 47th state

    Chimney Rock towers above a landscape of Cottonwood trees, sunflowers and a singing Western Meadowlark.


    the 36th state

    A Bristlecone Pine stands strong in a rocky desert landscape.

    New York

    the 11th state

    A Bluebird calls a forest of Sugar maple, and other deciduous trees, home.

    North Dakota

    the 39th state

    A cluster of Prairie Rose amplify the beauty of a landscape of rolling hills of grass


    the 33rd state

    The pacific ocean crashes into a rocky shore and forest of Douglas Fir.

    South Dakota

    the 40th state

    Pasque flowers and a lone Coyote dot a prairie landscape with the Badlands in the background.


    the 45th state

    Had to do two versions of this remarkable state.

    The first features some of the striking red rock formations that fill the desert landscape of Southern Utah.

    The second features a forest scene of Blue Spruce & Quaking Aspen from the Wasatch Mountains.


    the 42nd state

    Mount Rainier rises tall above a rocky stream and forest of Western Hemlock,


    the 44th state

    Mountains and a large sky serve as backdrop to an impressive wild Bison...and some prairie dogs.